News: 26.11.2015

It takes two!

Manifest welcomes two new starters following continued growth in 2015.

Blog: 20.11.2015

The power of #PMA.

Manifest’s motivational speech to end all motivational speeches*

News: 17.11.2015

Little Valley. Big ambitions.

Manifest announce integrated contract with Yorkshire-based brewery.

Blog: 11.11.2015

Oh the humanity!

Why the John Lewis Christmas ads might just need to dry their eyes.

Blog: 06.11.2015

5 things that rocked our week – #15

Giving you all the feels in 5 handy links.

Blog: 03.11.2015

Caught in the act – but not on camera…

The ever-advancing computer generated imagery and compositing techniques available through video production continue to make the seemingly impossible – possible.

News: 01.11.2015

Three cheers for Wienerberger!

Manifest & Wienerberger shortlisted in three categories at the CIM awards 2016.

Blog: 23.10.2015

From hate to love.

A turbulent relationship with Adobe InDesign.

Blog: 23.10.2015

5 things that rocked our week – #14

Things to make you go meep.

Blog: 15.10.2015

Faces and Facebook.

Frown, not thumbs down?

Blog: 09.10.2015

5 things that rocked our week – #13

Links. Ramblings. Good stuff.

Blog: 02.10.2015

5 things that rocked our week – #12

It’s Friday. Smile.

Blog: 25.09.2015

5 things that rocked our week – #11

Your weekly link pack from Farrar’s Pocket. The app. Not actual pocket. That’s weird.

Blog: 25.09.2015

What’s good?

Creativity, commercialism and some Kanye West for good measure.

Blog: 18.09.2015

5 things that rocked our week – #10

Another week, another batch of awesomeness.

News: 18.09.2015

Manifest up for 6 Northern Marketing Awards.

Agency receives nominations for work with BMF, Grumpy Mule & Wienerberger. #nothernmarketingawards

Blog: 16.09.2015

The Facebook Dislike Button

Like it or not, it’s coming.

Blog: 14.09.2015

The power of an image

How a solitary image can change the way the world thinks.

Blog: 11.09.2015

5 things that rocked our week – #9

Five things from the internet of things that made us squee.

Blog: 08.09.2015

5 things that rocked our (last) week #8

5 cool things that happened last week.

Blog: 04.09.2015

Me, myself and PR.

We all present ourselves differently depending on our audience, I’m sure you can’t disagree with that.

Blog: 27.08.2015

5 things that rocked our week – #7

Five sweet things off of the internets that were pretty sweet and off of the internets.

Blog: 24.08.2015

The importance of an idea.

Got an idea, just say it!

Blog: 21.08.2015

5 things that rocked our week – #6

Bits and bobs that made us a bit happy inside.

Blog: 14.08.2015

5 things that rocked our week – #5

Some things we saw that we thought weren’t rubbish off of the internet and that.

Blog: 06.08.2015

Glug Leeds 2.

The view from the stage at Glug 2

Blog: 31.07.2015

5 things that rocked our week – #4

Some cool stuff that we’ve seen this week on the interwebs.

Blog: 28.07.2015

Obscure (made up) band names

Somedays you’re really, really busy and doing ‘all the work while crying’. Other days you’re not as busy.

Blog: 24.07.2015

5 things that rocked our week – #3

Cool stuff we saw (and did) this week.

Blog: 22.07.2015

Silverstone with James Clay

The client that keeps on giving.