Blog: 18.11.2016

The Week That Was #14

Blog: 15.11.2016

Green Screen: What’s the key?

Blog: 11.11.2016

The Week That Was #13

News: 10.11.2016

Yorkshire agency wins big with EU beer campaign at CIM Northern Awards

News: 04.11.2016

The Week That Was #12

Blog: 28.10.2016

The Week That Was #11

Blog: 21.10.2016

The Week That Was #10

Blog: 19.10.2016

From Cabin Crew to Creative Account Executive; flying high in your early 20s

Blog: 14.10.2016

The Week That Was #9

Blog: 11.10.2016

From graduate to PR girl: My first month at ilk

Blog: 07.10.2016

The Week That Was #8

Blog: 30.09.2016

The Week That Was #7

Blog: 23.09.2016

The Week That Was #6

Blog: 15.09.2016

The Week That Was #5

Blog: 15.09.2016

Work experience revealed… my time at ilk.

News: 14.09.2016

Three cheers for awards season!

Blog: 14.09.2016

Influencer relations – PRs friend or foe?

Our very own Ella Sykes, Senior Account Manager, talks in depth about influencing relations within PR.

Blog: 09.09.2016

The Week That Was #4

In the week that saw the start of the 2016 Paralympics and Lady Gaga making a triumphant return to our ears, here are a few other things that have caught our attention.

News: 09.09.2016

ilk announces trio of appointments

Blog: 08.09.2016

From TOV to USV

We’re talking about how brands talk. Our copywriter contemplates the impact that tone of voice has on the overall appeal of a brand to its target audience.

Blog: 02.09.2016

The Week That Was #3

This week Leeds Fest revellers rocked out whilst having to wring their clothes out, there was more Bake Off smut and PR Week did a pretty solid job of highlighting some damn crazy requests from journos…

Blog: 01.09.2016

Business vs. consumer – what’s the deal with WhatsApp?

It seems like Facebook is taking over the world right now…

Blog: 26.08.2016

The Week That Was #2

It was the week that Farage met Trump and Corbyn royally pissed off Richard Branson, but here in the ilk office we were more concerned about Jaffa Cakes and how we’re going to afford our bacon butties after the next office shindig.

Blog: 19.08.2016

The Week That Was #1

It’s the week after ilkstock and you could say some of us are on a little bit of a comedown from the annual shindig.

Blog: 17.08.2016

What’s in a name?

I’m sitting in the new ilk offices, peering through the leaves of mezzanine flora to the wall vinyl beyond.

Blog: 12.08.2016

Taking (ilk)stock

So ilkstock is over for another year (boo!), but oh boy was it a good one.

News: 08.08.2016

Lucky number eleven

ilk announces 11 account wins following major investment in the North

News: 08.08.2016

Investing in the North

ilk invests in the North after record turnover, sale of London shareholding and a re-brand

Blog: 28.07.2016

A brief history of ilk.

As you’ll know if you’re reading this, Manifest is no more. As of today, we’re ilk.

Blog: 16.05.2016

BTS: Don’t Be Like Dave.

We take a look at the production work behind our recent campaign for BMF