Eyes Open.

The ilk Agency Modern Slavery Statement.

At ilk, we understand that Modern Slavery represents a real and growing threat to the wellbeing of workers in the UK, and that we have a responsibility as an employer to create a professional environment that is wholly incompatible with such a practice.

We have christened our approach and policy towards Modern Slavery as Eyes Open.


Eyes Open is built around the notion that the ability to identify, address and prevent Modern Slavery requires both awareness and education right across our workforce. In short, it’s our obligation to equip our staff to spot and report the tell-tale signs of modern slavery.

As part of Eyes Open we deliver staff session on an annual basis emphasising or re-emphasising what signs might be indicative of an individual (or group) being trapped into Modern Slavery. Signs like:

  • Unexplained injuries or anyone who seems malnourished
  • Anyone who appears to be under the control of others
  • Those with few personal possessions
  • Anyone who cannot easily provide official documents such as their passport or utility bills
  • Anyone who seems unable to describe where they live or has little knowledge of the local area.

We also use these sessions to communicate a clear protocol for the steps that should be taken should anyone suspect that a colleague might be in a situation that constitutes Modern Slavery.

By keeping our ‘Eyes Open’ with a clear and transparent process, we are committed to prevent and combat Modern Slavery in the workplace.