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As an integrated agency, we’re used to dealing with all sorts of clients, and all sorts of sectors.
Across creative, PR and social, digital and strategy we help B2B and B2C businesses connect with the right audiences, using skills and experience gathered from that broad client base.

Plenty of that experience comes from financial services marketing, whether it’s creating new identities and launching brands, or crafting ongoing marketing strategies to keep clients relevant and relatable.

We offer a bespoke solution that makes sense for your problem or opportunity - so if you need a financial services digital agency, advertising, or content marketing that’s exactly what you’ll get. But with the added bonus of input from every specialty we offer, whether or not you see it on an invoice.

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Nick Lawrence CEO

When we came to ilk, we had a business, a clear ethos, but not a brand. ilk sorted it for us. They listened to how we described ourselves, then came back with a full brand proposition, ident and website that reflects exactly what BigStar is all about. Couldn't be happier.

How can we reach your audience?

The audience for financial services brands isn’t exactly the most cohesive, and they can be much more discerning than your average consumer. But we’ve got plenty of experience defining the demographics you need to reach, and crafting comms that get the message across.

Our PR team have a wide network of B2B contacts if your business involves reaching the corporate world, but we’re also experts in helping brands connect with consumers on a B2C basis.

Sometimes, that might mean treating financial services as a product - an off the shelf addition to peoples’ lives. Or the right approach might be more inspirational, selling a vision or an identity in line with the goals and dreams your customers are looking to realise. It’s our job to take that mission, and create marketing solutions that deliver it.

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Kevin Green Senior Marketing Programmes Manager

Having worked with the team, I know how much the they care about what they do. As well as giving the benefit of their creativity, they provided a level of support that meant we could ensure our marketing remained swift, relevant and effective.

How does it work?

Collaboration is key to our work, both in-house and with our clients. So you’ll be part of the process every step of the way, with clear KPIs and deliverables so you know exactly what you’re getting, and when.

It’s all managed by a dedicated account manager, and because we work across such a broad range of clients we know exactly how to connect with your stakeholders too, whether that’s board members with an eye for detail or internal teams feeding in with their own ideas and developments.

Collaboration starts with conversation.

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What do I get out of it?

Just like the financial services you offer are unlikely to look the same from customer to customer, our offering - and the work you receive - will look entirely different depending on the problem or opportunity on the table.

That’s one of the big benefits of working with an integrated agency. You might need a marketing plan for financial services, or financial content marketing, or even email marketing for your offering - we’ll assemble the right people with the right skills, so you get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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How much does it cost?

That’s never an easy question to answer, in the financial services sector or anywhere else. All those bespoke solutions we’ve already outlined come with bespoke costings too. Because an off-the-shelf product would mean you paying for elements you don’t need, alongside those you do.

What we can tell you is that we’ll be clear from the outset. Agreed outputs, with an agreed budget that maximises efficiencies. It might come as a one-time fee, supporting a big launch or campaign before handing over to your own team. Or it might be an ongoing retainer, guaranteeing resources month in month out.

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