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Solving Problems.

We're an integrated agency. That means we've got all sorts of people, with all sorts of skills. Brand strategists, graphic designers, social media specialists, PR experts, web developers and the rest (here's the lot).

That also means we've got all sorts of solutions. So if you've for a problem, we'll have a bunch of ways to look at it, weigh it up, take it apart and put it back together again in a way that works for you, and your marketing objectives.

What does consultancy cover?

Those problems come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our solutions.

You might need a B2B PR agency to shape up your corporate comms, or someone to give you a digital PR tuneup. We can do that. You might need a marketing strategy consultant to get your activity firing from day one. We can do that too. You might need a brand consultancy to polish your identity, or a content marketing consultant who knows their SEO keywords from their CTAs. You guessed it. We got you.

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Neil Pymer Creative Director, Aardman Animations

It's been great working so closely with ilk throughout each step of the approach, and we're really looking forward to helping to make a difference to young people.

How does it work?

You’d get all of those skills if you worked with us on a regular, retained basis of course - but consultancy allows us to really focus on that problem, or opportunity.

It’s a targeted solution that makes the best of our resources, and your budget - all within deadlines that work for your timescale. We’re basically an external extension of your internal marketing function.

It’s kind of like the marketing equivalent of an Airbnb. You can book in, take advantage of the plush facilities, live life as if you had an extensive, experienced marketing team, and leave it all behind at the end of the trip. Or not. Some people stick around for longer, and we’re here for that too.

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Pernille Pang Head of Press at Mikkeller

We have done a lot of collaborations but this is without doubt the biggest so far and we are extremely proud to have this opportunity. We’re looking forward to working with ilk to share the first of many fantastic beers with Game of Thrones fans and other beer lovers in the UK.

What do I get out of it?

Well, you get the solution. Everything else depends entirely on the problem in question.

You could walk away with a detailed research document, with messaging recommendations to inform the way you communicate with a new audience. Or a framework for better comms, covering Tone of Voice, brand guidelines and imagery dos and don’ts.

It could be a social playbook, distilling best practice and trends for use by your own team. Or it might even be a comprehensive marketing plan, covering all that and more. Everything you need to go from A to B.

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David Major Founder and Managing Director of Learning Music

From our first meeting ilk did that, and I think it can be seen in the work that they produced for us. I really enjoyed working with them and was impressed by how seamlessly the project progressed from concepting right through to web development.

Find out how we took Hi-Veg from the development kitchen to the supermarket shelves…
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Nikki Stanfield Brand Coordinator for Hi-Veg

We’ve worked alongside ilk on multiple projects, so we always had full confidence… I think they’ve done a great job in building a visual personality in-sync with the key messages we want to get across to shoppers.

How much does it cost?

Come on. You don’t expect us to answer that one, do you?
Surprise surprise, we’ll need to know the problem first. But it will probably be cheaper than entering into a long term arrangement, or hiring a full team yourself. Those are both good options too, but consultancy can be the first step on that journey.

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