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Every now and again we get our creative brains together to produce ilkzine. It’s a curation of stuff. That’s it. Words and pictures featuring stuff we think is cool, interesting or inspiring.

Chats-while-the-kettle-boils stuff. Secret, life consuming passion stuff. Stuff that doesn’t wear a cap with ‘marketing’ written on it. It’s like an in flight magazine, but with less mini Jack Daniels and perfume, and more book clubs, pork pies, trainers and typography.

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ilkzine means breaking down workplace boundaries and teaming up to get our budding ideas down in print. And it’s worth it. You wouldn’t believe the high fives at the end. They’re serious business. It might all sound a bit smug, but it’s a publication we’re truly proud of and if you enjoy it half as much we’ve done our job.

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