Working with an integrated agency like ilk means tapping into experience of sectors, and all sorts of clients too. We deliver PR and social projects, digital builds, brand strategy and creative work that connects with the people that matter, achieving quantifiable results.

So if you’re looking for fitness marketing services, or wellness brand marketing, it’s worth making use of all those specialisms. There’s something to be learnt from each and every one, and it’s all experience unavailable from agencies who restrict their work to the fitness sector.

Our solution is to look at your opportunity as just that - an opportunity. Not a wellness opportunity, or something unique to niche fitness markets. What we deliver will be bespoke, and targeted at your audience. Everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

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Find out how we used paid media to transform membership acquisition for TRIB3.

How can we reach your audience?

Right across the fitness and wellness sector, audience is key. We’ve worked with all sorts of demographics, from boutique fitness fanatics with high spend and high motivation, to outdoor bootcamp participants who need a helping hand to pick up that skipping rope.

Our fitness marketing strategies don’t come pre-prepared. They’re developed to meet your needs, and the needs of the customers your business needs to engage with. Across paid media and social, PR and creative, we know just what cuts through.

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How does it work?

Everything we do hinges on collaboration, just like working out benefits from that communal mentality. It’s how we get the most out of our teams internally, with plenty of space for ideas and inspiration to flourish. And it’s how we work with you too, setting out clear, deliverable KPIs and reporting so you’re part of the process from day one.

You’ll find yourself in the capable hands of a dedicated account manager, with access to the portfolio of skills and talents your project requires. All the tools you need to make a difference to your brand or business, and all working as one.

Collaboration starts with conversation.

Find out how we used paid social to power free schools meals and holiday clubs for disadvantaged children on behalf of Sport England.
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Nicki Couzens Business Support & Communications Manager

We were really impressed with ilk from the moment they pitched for the project. They clearly understood the importance and objectives of the campaign and had some innovative and creative ways to ensure we are able to reach the parents and children who stand to benefit most from the programme. Throughout the campaign their quality of their work has been excellent and we have seen some great results with more children participating in the summer holiday activities.

What do I get out of it?

We can’t promise an overnight transformation - though it’s happened before. But we can offer you transparency, and the opportunity to collaborate on a definition of success at the outset.

If you’re looking to transform sales with a fresh fitness marketing strategy, that’s what we’ll deliver. Or you might be looking for a fitness content marketing agency. Whatever your brand needs, the ‘integrated’ part means we’re perfectly placed to deliver it.

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How much does it cost?

Well, we don’t have a tick box list of ‘good, better, best’ to try and make you part with your cash. And it’s definitely not a ‘cheap now, expensive later’ type deal either. Some of the clients we’ve worked with the longest are also now our biggest, and they wouldn’t stick around if we weren’t excellent value for money.

What we can promise is that we’ll set out exactly what you’ll get at the outset – how we’ll deliver it, and how we can measure success too. Then we’ll make sure everything stays on time, and on budget, using timing plans that build in contingencies, amends and feedback. No nasty surprises, in a format that works for you.

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