The Week That Was #30 – Artistic Logos, Hybrid Animals & The Great Wall Sleepover


This week we say “oh dear, oh dear” with sadness as Barry Chuckle joined the great slapstick show in the sky.

Here are 5 more things that sum up the week that was:


Study Reveals Brits Consider Logos ‘Works of Art’

A study commissioned by a UK label maker revealed what British people think about brand logos.

The study – which surveyed around 2,000 people in the UK – found that almost two-thirds of people consider logos to be ‘works of art’ which, as creative branding agency, is music to our ears.

The study also uncovered our Top 10 favourite logos, with Disney, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola* taking third, second and first place respectively.



But what was most interesting is that tea brand PG Tips snuck in at tenth place. Proof that tea is the true art!



Marketing is Obsessed with Hybrid Animals

The Drum has noticed that marketing has got a thing with creating its own animal combinations. There are some that are fun and weird, and then there are some which are things of Lynchian nightmare.

We’re pleased to report that no hybrid animals were harmed in the making of this video.



Once advertisers get bored with splicing animals we expect they’ll start taking inspiration from Dr Moreau and create animal/human mutant combos.

Oh, wait, that’s just Snapchat.


Airbnb Cancels it’s Great Wall of China Sleepover

You would think that Airbnb would’ve asked for permission before declaring a sleepover on one of the world’s most ancient monuments.

But apparently not, so they’ve had to cancel it.



It’s just like that time you were going over to your friend’s house for a garden tent sleepover but they forgot to ask their mum.


Adobe Has Released Hundreds of New Fonts

Adobe has released nearly enough new typefaces to summon the devil, with 665 new Monotype fonts joining it’s Creative Cloud platform.

Our designers are rubbing their hands with glee. They can’t wait to dig in and sift through.

What do you mean we’re such nerds!? You’re the nerd!


And finally…

This article brutally heckles Uber’s latest PR stunt: stand up gigs in the back of their cabs.

Maybe it’s Uber’s way of combating outdated stereotype of the taxi driver making racist jokes? Or maybe it’s their way of helping people to connect through humour in an intimate space? Or maybe it’s an ill-judged PR stunt that will lead to multiple awkward encounters?

At least the drivers are on board with the idea, right?



*For extra credit, why not check out this brief history of the Coca-Cola logo.