The Week That Was #28 – Armpit Adverts, Tasty Twitter Titles and A Mad Monk


It was way too hot this week. So, let’s cool down and sum up the week that was in 5 quick things:


A Japanese Company is Selling Armpit Ad Space…Apparently

We’re up in arms about this story of a Japanese company selling advertising space on womens’ armpits.

Now, come on!? Really? This can’t be real…for sure?



Well, there’s a website*. But that doesn’t mean it’s not fake. That just means they’ve got a good web developer.  

It’s like they’re pulling a satirical prank on us westerners. Maybe they’re playing up to our perceptions of Japan, a country known for its wacky game shows and weird-ass horror films? Or maybe this is just a massive PR stunt for deodorant? Maybe we should expect a formation of women to come out mid-YMCA dance with each armpit spelling out ‘You Got Punk’d’?

Or maybe this is just the future of advertising….?

What a time to be alive.


Heinz Mayo Have Got a Taste for Twitter

Heinz (Seriously) Good Mayo is trying out a (seriously) good social campaign idea. The mayo brand just got a Twitter account and is now declaring it “only follows people with the tastiest names”.



In a week or so, it’s already gained 400 followers with this strategy. Not bad. But then it is following 10 times that. And we’re pretty sure these folks have changed their Twitter handles to up their followers.

Maybe mayo doesn’t mix well with everything, huh?

Talking of recipes…


We’ve Learnt What The Prime Minister Does At Home

What does Theresa May do when she’s not doing Brexit stuff?

We’ve been wondering this for some time, which is why we’re so glad someone asked her, as we would never have known she’s got 150 recipe books at home. Interesting fact. 



This Monk Has Had Enough With Online Reviews

If you ever visit a monastery you better leave a good Tripadvisor review, otherwise this monk/keyboard warrior will go after you.



After his comments went viral he apologised for losing his patience.

Remember folks, there’s a real monk on the other side of that screen. Be nice. And don’t be a whiny tourist.


And finally…

If you ever think you can’t do the right thing just because you’re one person, then watch this video of a swedish student halting a flight to stop an asylum seeker from being deported.  

And, look out for the english person making a bad name for us all.



* There’s also a music video as an advertisement for armpit cream. Or we think there is anyway. It’s hard to tell. If anyone knows Japanese, let us know please.