The Week That Was #27 – Burberry’s Blaze, Goldblum Statue, Dedicated Employees


This was the week France won the World Cup and we misspoke when we said ‘would’, we meant ‘wouldn’t’. Soz.


Here’s 5 more things that sum up the week:


Burberry Goes Out In A Blazer of Glory

This week it was revealed that luxury fashion brand Burberry burned £28m worth of stock this year to protect its brand and guard against counterfeiting.

That’s not going to go down well with consumers, especially as Burberry’s joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Make Fashion Circular initiative. We’re not experts, but we’re pretty sure you can’t recycle smithereens into scarfs.



It’s hard to say how this will affect the brand, but burning surplus stock is an odd brand strategy to say the least. It’s apparently common ‘practice’ in the industry so the supply chain remains ‘intact’.


We have a better idea to keep things ‘intact’ – lock up your surplus stock in a ‘fashion vault’, wait a few years, then release it as ‘vintage’. People love vintage. People DO NOT love waste.


Morrison’s Introduces an Autism Friendly Hour

Finally, a positive story about the retail!

Morrison’s have introduced a quieter hour for families with autistic children. Every Saturday morning from 9-10 they’ll turn down the music and turn off the checkout beeps. They’re the first supermarket chain to do this, so it won’t be long until all of them have the same.



Jeff Goldblum Statue Pops Up Near The Thames


This tweet says it all:




Finally, The Miss Universe GB Crown Goes To A Black Woman

Sure, it’s taken nearly 70 years since the competition started in 1952, but we’ve finally got a black woman to represent Great Britain in the Miss Universe competition.

Next stop the Miss Parallel Universe competition.


And finally…

Would you walk 20 miles to get to work? Because an American employee did on his first day after his car broke down.

And because of his dedication the company’s boss bought him a new car. Which is nice.



It didn’t work with our boss though. We’re just stuck with sore feet.



What was it like to find out facts before Google? Well a pre-Google journalist, lawyer and librarian tell us all in this fascinating article we read. If you want to read it just Google it.

Or click this link here.