The Week That Was #26 – Virtual Influencers, Prump Tutin & Cuddly Chaos


What a week!? Trump’s arrived, football’s staying out, and BeLeavers leave Brexit to someone who still believes in it.

Well…at least those kids in Thailand are safe.

Here’s 5 more things to sum up the week that was:


Brand’s Can Now Do Influencer Marketing Virtually

Everyone talks about influencer marketing, including us. But soon everyone will talk about virtual influencer marketing*.

What’s ‘virtual influencer marketing’? Well, it’s like if Gorillaz promoted your stuff, but without the voice of Damon Albarn. The Drum revealed that brands are using virtual personas on Instagram.

The benefits are obvious – you can program a robot to say anything you want and avoid most PR scandals. And you don’t have to pay them.


PLOT TWIST: I’m back with my family. . I spent a lot of time in the past couple months being angry. I was angry the people who I loved the most lied to me, angry that I have to fight to be accepted for who and what I am. . I felt helpless and scared and in some ways I still do. But after hanging out with @bermudaisbae I saw what can happen when you let your anger justify treating people poorly. . The person I was treating poorly was myself. . I was isolating myself and partying too hard because I resented and then questioned everything Trevor and Sara taught me: to be kind, take care of your mental health, and get right with yourself so you can put yourself in a position to help others. . I love these people so much. We have trust to re-gain and plenty of fights to have, but that’s what family is. For the first time in awhile, I truly can’t wait to see what happens next and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest. . I want to say a special thank you to all of you, for letting me get all of my feelings out on IG and help me navigate through this strange, kinda sad, pretty happy, a little lonely, sometimes turnt but mostly exciting time.

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Also, apparently followers don’t care that these fake Instafamous folk are robots either. All that matters is they’re ‘authentic’.

Proof that you can fake it until you make it.


NY Mag’s New Cover Screws With Your Eyes and Head

New York Magazine designed an optical illusion cover to allude to the big political illusion of today.



It’s a blink and you’ll miss it spoonerism for a blink and you’ll miss it conspiracy theory.  We wouldn’t blame Trump if he didn’t spot it passing the airport newsstand as he goes to mate his pal…meet his Putin…meet Putin. He’s just meeting Putin. That’s what Presidents do, isn’t it? There’s no agenda. Just a meeting. OK?


YouTube TV Needs To Keep It’s Cool

ITV and the BBC were probably pleased to hear that YouTube TV went down while streaming the England v Croatia match.

Are they the reason why it’s not coming home? OK, we’ll take off the tin-foil hat now.


Build-A-Bear Goes Wild After ‘Pay-Your-Age’ Offer

Customers got grizzly at the customised cuddly store this week, as it offered the chance to buy any bear for the price of their child’s age. Queues went on for ‘nearly a mile’ in the Leeds store and customers were waiting for hours to find they were out of stock.



As a marketing tactic it seems pretty successful. As a way to tame parents and kids, less so.


And finally…

Perfect pedants gave Forbes magazine a sarcastic English lesson after describing Kylie Jenner – a woman famous for being in a famous family – as a ‘self-made’ billionaire.



*We’ve added it to your buzzword bingo sheets. Don’t worry.