TWTW #72: A Football Win, A Tennis Faux Pas and a Very Unique World Record


Amongst viewing Andy Murray and Serena Williams making their doubles debut, binge-watching the entire series of Stranger Things (if you haven’t finished it yet, why not?), and keeping up with Love Island every night, it’s been quite the week for television.

But off-screen, what else has been going on in the world?

Here’s a rundown of all of the weird and wonderful things that have been going on this week. 


Everyone has their Hobbies

As far as extreme sports go, freediving has to rank up there. It is, terrifyingly, diving on a single breath of air – pushing your body and mind to the absolute max. 

Ant Williams, a trailblazing freediver from New Zealand, has broken a new Guinness World Record this week by achieving the deepest dive under ice, yes ice, in one breath.

He dived to an incredible depth of 70.3 metres into a freezing cold fjord on the north coast of Norway, lasting a whole 2 minutes 29 seconds.

Rather you than us, Ant.


Scoring Goals and Fighting Stigma

USA women’s footballer Megan Rapinoe has been making headlines this week – and not just for winning the Women’s World Cup.

Using her profile as an elite athlete, Rapinoe has been calling out the haters left, right and centre(forward) this week and we are absolutely here for it. 

First off, the athlete bravely spoke out about the unequal pay amongst male and female players within the game.

Source: Vogue

Next, she was seen speaking up for LGBTQ+ players by arguing ‘you can’t win without gay players.’

Source: The Guardian

But winning the World Cup, fighting for equal pay and gay rights just wasn’t enough for the 33 year old athlete, and later in the week we saw her going head to head with none other than Donald Trump.

She told press “I’m not going to the fucking White House” when asked whether she would visit if her team won. This was met by an infamous Presidential tweet which urged Megan to “never disrespect our Country.”


We can’t imagine Megan is quaking in her footie boots from this ‘threat.’

Keep up the good work, girl.


Dr Alexa Will See You Now

‘Alexa, how do I treat a migraine?’, ‘Alexa, what are the symptoms of flu?’

We may well be hearing these questions spoken out loud on a more regular basis, following the groundbreaking announcement that the AI-powered device, Amazon Alexa, will be offering NHS health advice. 

Source: The Drum

The move is aimed at patients who are elderly, blind, or who cannot access the internet through traditional means.  

Just the latest example of technology’s positive impact on the world in which we live? Or another example of how big businesses are looking to cash in on the NHS?

…We just feel bad for Alexa who will be having to deal with things like: “Alexa, take a look at this rash. Is it meant to look like that?”


The Clean Vic

As stats show more and more people are turning away from the booze and becoming more conscious about their alcohol intake, Sainsbury’s have responded by launching the UK’s first alcohol-free pub this summer.

Source: Metro UK

If no-alcohol whisky alternatives and alcohol-free beers such as Celtic Soul and Lucky Saint are your kind of thing, then The Clean Vic (see what they did there?) may be right up your street. 

We imagine the millennials will be queuing around the corner, given the statistics point to a generation drinking less than their boozehound parents.

And finally…


Heads Up!

An incident in the mixed doubles raised a smile at Wimbledon this week.

As Jelena Ostapenko went to serve, she accidentally smashed the ball into the back of her partner Robert Lindstedt’s head… at a fierce 93-mph!

So much for teamwork, right? 


From all of us at ilk HQ, have a great weekend!