TWTW #67: Good Dogs, Bad Influencers and a Very Rogue Helicopter


Trump is in the UK.

Love island is back.

Here are five things that aren’t quite as orange, thankfully.

Welcome to the week that was.


The Un-influencing Influencer

This week, Twitter users found it hilarious that despite having 2 million followers, Instagram Influencer @Arii was unable to sell 36 T-shirts.

The influencer was unable to meet the required number of t-shirt sales in order to start a clothing line.

So what can we conclude? Has the influencer bubble burst? Can the public see straight through disingenuous advertisements?



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breakfast 🥐

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Conspiracies flooded in. Some say it’s because all of her followers are “bought” and so, are not real customers.


Others suspect the Instagrammer’s post was just a stunt to gain sympathy and actually drive real sales.

Some say it may be down to the t-shirt’s… *ahem* aesthetic.



Hinch got Pinched

More bad news for social media influencers this week.

Virtual domestic goddess Sophie Hinchliffe, more commonly known by her fans as ‘Mrs Hinch’, is being investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority.



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AD |Hello my Hinchers!! I don’t know about you but the shine on a sink makes my day 😆😍 I could check out peoples sinks and cupboards all day mate .. (worrying)! Anyway .. As you may have noticed on my Stories I now use these specific Gregory gloves every time I Hinch! I was sent them to try but now I am genuinely in love with the things! They’re called the Killeen Grippaz! Do many of my Hinchers own these? I could be late to the party 🤣 BUT @killeen_ie who are the parents of these babies also have lots of other hinching products they sell! So show them some love , check them out and if you also use these Gregory gloves let me know your thoughts on them and I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day! Ps: Have you been hinching much? I can’t stop , I think I’m nesting 🙊 ATB 🙊 #killeeners 🧤❤

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The Essex ‘cleanfluencer’, who now boasts an impressive 2.5 million followers, posts daily cleaning tips and live streams herself spritzing her immaculate house, with the aim to ‘make chores fun.’

The ASA has pulled her up following three complaints over ‘labelling of product advertisement posts.’

The investigation follows a series of social media stars and celebrities who have been pulled up on the transparency of their paid advertising partnerships, including Zoella, Alexa Chung and Rita Ora.


According to the BBC, failure to comply with the agreement reached could see the influencers taken to court, face heavy fines, or even end up with a prison sentence of up to two years.


Serious stuff.


Only in California

Another bizarre story from the states. This week, a dog has become the actual mayor of a small Californian town.

We’re not even kidding.

Source: The Guardian


Mayor Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller II, or Mayor Max for short, is a golden retriever on a mission.

“How might a dog become mayor?” we hear you ask.

Well, much like the British monarchy, Mayor Max II achieved his position because of his bloodline, and ability to roll over and shake hands.

Again, we’re not kidding.

Max’s predecessor was elected as part of fundraising activity, in which all of the proceeds went to an animal rescue charity in the town. All of the candidates were animals, but it was Max’s dedication to the cause and hard campaigning that brought him his success.

After Max I had passed on, the search for his heir began.

All hail Mayor Max II.

Source: The Guardian


And what a good boy he is.


The World’s Worst Waltzer

A helicopter rescue that went very, very wrong, was caught on film in Arizona this week.

The 74 year old woman, who had fallen whilst hiking on Piestewa Peak, was lifted into the air just a few metres. Then things took a turn for the worse.

The high winds of the Phoenix mountains caused the stretcher to spin around and rapidly pick up speed at an alarming rate…


The Independent reported that ‘as dramatic as it looks, [the woman] suffered no ill-effects from the spin other than being a little bit dizzy.’


Should we be laughing?

Should you be laughing?

Look, we’re in this together now.


And finally…


Baby Talk

Something to melt your heart.

A video went viral this week of a dad pretending to hold an in-depth conversation about a TV show with his baby who was babbling away at the TV screen.

And the world fell in love.



Happy Friday Folks!