Posted on: 01.03.2019

Queen Colman wins an Oscar, Alan Partridge Returns and the Duchess of Cambridge hits the boozer

This week, the much anticipated Oscars graced our screens and we all enjoyed the UK’s unusually hot February temperatures whilst trying to ignore it’s inextricable link to climate change.

Anyway! Here are five more things that sum up the week that was….


Alan Partridge Returns

This week we saw the return of Alan Partridge with his new show This Time With Alan Partridge on BBC One after a 24 year break from the broadcaster.

To mark the occasion, Coogan penned a round-robin email from Alan himself to all 20,000 of his “colleagues” at the BBC to “clear the air of any residual stench.”

The email, which is written in full Alan character, addresses his old friends – and enemies – at the BBC, whilst simultaneously making digs at his former employer, Sky.

He acknowledged that not everyone would be thrilled with his imminent return:

“Some of you made clear when I left that I wouldn’t be welcome back; a woman who worked in compliance called Karen or Kate or Kath who had long wavy hair and apparently still works here sneered so hard I thought her face would turn inside out.”

It continues: “Back I am, as evidenced by this, my own official BBC email address. And with it I reach out to you my colleagues – not to gloat, or settle old scores, or say ‘Hey Karen/Kate/Kath, why don’t you kiss my arse’ – but to be the bigger man and clear the air of any residual stench.”

Quite the entrance, Alan.


Queen Colman

Queen of everybody’s hearts, Olivia Colman, went and won a bloody Oscar.

The 2019 Oscars proved yet again to be a spectacular showcase of talent from all around the globe.

But our favourite moment of the evening, and we’re sure it was everyone’s highlight, had to be Olivia Colman’s endearing acceptance speech for winning Best Actress:

“This is ridiculous” she splurted out, before telling everyone how much she loved her job as a cleaner, and finally, in true Colman style, finishing it off by blowing a raspberry when she was told to wrap things up.


We love her almost as much as Emma Stone does.


Terrifying Glory Holes

Whilst the sun has been shining in the UK this week, there has been heavy rain in Northern California.

So much so, that thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes due to flood risks and the glory hole on Lake Berryessa, commissioned to be used once every 50 years, has seen action twice in the past two.

These giant glory holes are designed to suck in rainwater during unusually strong storms. Some say they look like a ‘beautiful inverted fountain,’ others liken it to a to a ‘toilet being flushed.’

Make of it what you will, but we think they’re rather terrifying.


Pint Pulling Princess

In other news, this was an actual headline in this week’s papers:

‘Kate Middleton pulled a pint while in a designer dress.’

Because what else do you do on a royal engagement in Northern Ireland?


If you ask us, she did a stellar job.

And finally…


Puppy Love

This wonderful video went viral on Twitter this week of our favourite US congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC (if you’re a fan).

She tackles the real issues and loves dogs. Can she get any better?



Happy Friday folks!