TWTW #45 – Word of The Year and Christmas Ad of The Year


This week May and Corbyn argue over the TV remote while Kate Beckinsale disturbs us with her NSFW beauty treatment.

Here are five more things that sum up the week that was:


Mail Online ad revenue surpasses its printed equivalent

For the first time, the Daily Mail’s annual revenue for digital advertising has overtaken print.

But before anyone declares this as a sign of print’s demise, let’s point out the fact that the traditional format is still riding high vs online at £117m and £122m respectively.

So, there!


The Word of The Year for 2018 revealed its choice of word to sum up 2018 and here it is:



‘Misinformation’ was distinctly chosen over ‘disinformation’ (or ‘fake news’ as we call it these days) because the intention to mislead is ambiguous, which is often a bigger challenge in our modern times than ‘disinformation’.

Talking of ‘disinformation’, you should make a little time to take a look at this fascinating long read about ‘The Godfather of Fake News’.

And no, it’s not Trump.


The £50 Christmas ad that puts the retailers to shame

We’ve been discussing the festive retail ad war for weeks but we think we’ve found this year’s winner – which isn’t even an advert!

‘Love is a gift’ is a creative short film which has blown up social media because of its small budget and big emotion. In fact, it’ll be a surprise if you haven’t seen it yet. And if not, we won’t spoilt it for you.

Viewer beware, feels ahead.


We’re all still using Facebook even though we don’t trust it

According to a recent piece of global research, 98% of users who stated they don’t trust the platform to keep their data safe are still happy to continue to use the service.

It could be a sign that people are willing to forgive and forget.* So let’s hope that over the next year Facebook works harder to genuinely make the world a better place and win back our trust, otherwise things may not be the same this time next year.


And finally…

Cumbria County Council must’ve been inspired by the Boaty McBoatFace tactic of branding as it held a competition to name its new fleet of gritters.



They’re all good, but they will never beat Mr Plow.



*Or it could just be a sign that asking people who currently use Facebook whether they still use Facebook will get a lot of ‘yes’ answers. Are the 2% who don’t want to use the platform being held against their will? Poke once for yes or twice for no.