TWTW #44 – The Real John Lewis, Facebook’s Political Ad List & A Magic Sci-Fi Plane


This week celebrities have fun in the jungle whilst consumers have fun on Amazon.

Here are five more things to sum up the week that was:


Hat adverts appear on Facebook’s ‘political’ list, for some reason

Adverts for lifestyle products like hats, jewelry and coffee – with no political messages – have appeared on Facebook’s new database of UK political ads.

It’s an embarrassing faux pas for the social media giant, which created the database in response to the US Election and Cambridge Analytica scandals.

But, how did this happen? Well, the BBC suggest the list was overseen by an algorithm, while Facebook suggest that advertisers have ticked the wrong box.

Either way, it’s adding fuel to a consumer fire that’s raging over political advertising, which is currently a hot topic for other retailers.


Can the real John Lewis please stand up?

Last week we talked about the retailer John Lewis and its highly anticipated Christmas ad.

This week let’s spare a moment for the real John Lewis – the retailers now-also-famous namesake – who has finally got his own Christmas advert.


Jigsaw puzzle or Pink Floyd album cover?

To create several surreal mash-up montages, an artist has carefully fitted together different pieces from mass-produced puzzles…without scissors!

Something to occupy you on Christmas Day at the relatives maybe?

Here are a couple of our favourites:




Breakthrough ‘Sci-fi’ plane flies without jets or propellers

Some very, very clever folks have created a plane which uses some very, very clever science stuff to fly without any moving parts in its propulsion system.

This means we could be on the way to carbon-neutral air travel.

How did they do it? Magic! Scientists have invented magic.*


And finally…

According to a new study, a majority of Britons believe the ‘truth is out there’. Apparently 60% of the UK buy in to some kind of conspiracy theory.