TWTW #43 – Elton John Lewis, Stan Lee Tribute & Toy Story 4


May’s Brexit deal divided the government and the starter’s gun fired on Black Friday.

Here are five more things that sum up the week that was:


The John Lewis Ad is out and…

… it’s pretty good!. The department store hasn’t abandoned the big budget production (unlike M&S), but it has gone for something a little less cutesy.

This year’s ad sees the business take credit for the entire career of Elton John. All the stadium gigs, sparkly glasses and candles in the wind came from a single piano, bought for the popstar as a small child.

And it works. It’s not a complete change of direction – there’s still the overwhelming feeling of nostalgia and sentimental soundtrack – but it still heralds the brand as the leader of the Christmas ad pack.

John Lewis have better stocked up on pianos or we won’t have any pop music left in 50 years.



The Avengers pay tribute to Stan Lee

This week, fans worldwide said bye bye to legendary comic book writer and Marvel founder Stan Lee at the super-human age of 95. As a result, the main cast members of The Avengers film franchise paid an emotional tribute to him in a full page ad in the Hollywood Reporter.



We don’t think we’re the only ones who are going to miss his subtle film cameos.


Miniature buildings pop up on the Isle of Man

Intricately designed miniature fortresses and palaces have been popping up around the Isle of Man as part of an art project which plays on the island’s fairy folklore. Nice. If you like that kind of thing.




Pixar unveil a Toy Story 4 teaser

If you’re skeptical about this potentially unnecessary sequel, but this teaser video might change your mind. And to be honest have Pixar ever done a bad film?*



And finally…

If there’s ever needed a good reason not to buy social media followers it’s this:

an American rock band attempted to create a buzz about a European tour by using a fake fanbase.

It failed, obviously. And this PR stunt/art project/marketing epic fail has not only angered venues and potential support acts but exposed the sneaky tricks used to create this fake tour.

Lesson learnt kids. Don’t fake it. You won’t make it.


*Cars 2 doesn’t count. It isn’t a film. It’s an endurance test.