TWTW #40 – Hipsters of History, Brutalist Memorials & Ross The Thief


This week budget airline Ryanair struggles to handle its awful racism case.

Here are five more things that sum up the week that was:


Illustrator reimagines historical figures as hipsters

A series of illustrations called ‘HIPSTORY’ reimagines some of history’s most important figures as hipsters.

There are almost 40 hipsterised leaders and figures in this series so far. Here’s a couple of our favourites:




AI program paints portrait, then sells it for six figures

And we thought the creative industry was safe from robotisation!

It turns out that robots – or AI programs (it’s the same thing right!?) – are not just making their own artwork but selling it too.

Portrait of Edmond Belamy was produced using an algorithm that rifled through over 15,000 historical portraits to produce this:



We think it takes its inspiration from such greats as Monet, Cezanne and Mr Bean.


Someone’s won billions and it could be you (but probably not)

One of the world’s biggest lottery jackpots – $1.54 billion – is ready and waiting to be collected by one lucky winner in the US.

But the clock is ticking. They’ve only got…6 months to collect it.

Hurry up now, whoever you are!



Yugoslavia does war memorials its own way

This week we learnt a lot about the former republic of Yugoslavia’s abstract war memorials or ‘spomeniks’, which have been comprehensively documented by a history enthusiast.



These brutalist structures were built from the 1950s to 1990s to honour the people’s fight against fascism during the Second World War. They represent many things to many people – resistance, resentment, anger, suffering.

Whatever they symbolise, they’re certainly a world away from the simple columns and brass plaques found in Britain.



And finally…

If you’re wondering what David Schwimmer has been up to lately, it turns out he’s been helping Blackpool Police hunt down his thieving lookalike.