TWTW #39 – Memeified Art, Ice-cream Graveyard & The Cancelled Cat Pyjama-Jam


This week the Man Booker Prize was awarded to another unconventional but brilliant novel – Milkman by Northern Irish author Anna Burns.

Here are 5 more things to sum up the week that was:


THIS new artwork hanging in the White House


No, it’s not a human version of dogs playing poker. It’s a painting of Donald Trump hanging out with his bezzie-prezzie mates, which was recently spotted hanging in the White House.

Talking of high-brow…


Art Fund ‘meme-ifies’ pieces for ‘No Expertise Needed’ campaign

To make art appear more accessible to cash-strapped students, the Art Fund hired students to translate classic works into the language of the today’s youth.


Ben & Jerry’s have opened a ‘Flavour Graveyard’

With Halloween just around the spooky corner, Ben & Jerry’s have opened up a ‘Flavour Graveyard’ where people can treat themselves to 40 long-gone flavours.

But what’s the trick? You’ll have to go to Vermont, which is a 13 hour flight from lovely Leeds.

However, you can vote to resurrect one old flavour and we assume they’ll use ice-cream voodoo to bring it back.


Animator starts ‘doodle diary’ to cope with wife’s death

Warning: feels ahead.

For anyone who doubts the power of creativity you should read this sad but sweet story about a grieving animator. After his wife died suddenly from sepsis, Gary began a doodle diary. Everyday he made it a habit to sketch something that happened that each day while continuing to raise his two daughters.


And finally…

We were just as disappointed as you were to discover that a US Embassy’s ‘cat pyjama-jam’ party was just a test email that went out by mistake. Shame.



Facebook has just hired Nick Clegg (who?) to be ‘Head of Global Affairs’ (what?).

Nope, this isn’t the premise to a terrible sitcom pilot. It’s literally just happened. IRL.

Is the former Lib-Dem leader finally getting his redemption arc? Who knows.