TWTW #34 – Beckham’s new Badge, BBC’s Big Figures & The John Lewis Partnership


This week India made being gay legal (yay!) and Burt Reynolds went to climb the big rock face in the sky* (boo!).

Here are five things to sum up the week that was:

John Lewis and Waitrose unveil partnership rebrand

Did you know these brands were partners? Most consumers don’t, which is why they’ve launched a joint rebrand to change that.



But this won’t be a surprising revelation for consumers, as it’s following a trend of prominent retail partnerships like Currys PC World and the Sainsbury’s/Asda merger.

Unlike the latter, which seem to be about shaking hands with a competitor in tough times, the John lewis partnership is a longstanding pact of cooperation dating back to 1937. But will emphasising these values help them navigate the current challenges in the retail sector? We can only find out.


Bodyguard is the ‘most successful’ new drama of the decade

The BBC’s new Sunday night show has been watched by at least 10.4 million people in Britain, according to official figures, which includes millions watching on demand. It’s been argued that we’re seeing the return of water cooler moments with so many people watching almost at the same time.

And it’s easy to see why – Bodyguard is written by the creator of ‘Line of Duty’, and it’s a show that knows how to expertly crank up the tension. Just watch the first 20 minutes of episode one, but make sure you take a little break or have a cup of tea after. Yeah, it’s tense.


Football (as in soccer) is becoming popular in North America

Having always been against the world on the meaning of ‘football’, the US is starting to fall in love with the sport according to a recent feature in The Drum.

Apparently, Major League Soccer (MLS) is ‘playing catch-up’ with its growth in talent, fanbase and commercial involvement. Teams have signed up big names like Wayne Rooney, and the league produces over 20,000 videos a season and attracts big brands like Audi and Adidas. Mr Beckham, tell us what first attracted you to starting your own MLS team?

The league’s MD argues it’s down to innovation. MLS was one of the first leagues to test VAR, and they’ve increased options for digital engagement including doing weird things like interviewing goalkeepers while they are playing (it’s really, really weird).



Talking of MLS…


David Beckham reveals new name and badge to mixed reactions

David Beckham’s MLS franchise is to be called Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami.

And it’s had a mixed reaction…




And finally…

Remember when we all got excited about Childish Gambino’s last video? Well he’s only gone and made another one.

Let’s just say, it’s a little more chill this time.



*Y’know, like in Deliverance? Yes, there are more famous bits, but they’re NSFW.