TWTW #33 – Moves Like May, Yellow Backgrounds & The Pink Hair Book Bet


This week Wonga collapsed like a flan in a cupboard, which was the original theme before the new series of Bake Off announced vegan week*.

Here are five more things to sum up the week that was:


Theresa May shows Africa (and the world) her moves

Everyone knows that dance can solve issues like racism and gang warfare, but can it fix a global trade deal?

British PM Theresa May seems to think so.

On her recent trip to Africa (which should be immortalised in the film “Step Up: Trade Down”) she donned her dancing shoes not once but twice, with moves beyond our understanding.

Someone has figured it out though:



We were mesmerised by another Rube Goldberg style video

This complex and colourful animation showcases the workings of a Rube Goldberg-like machine. At only 45 seconds long, it does a lot in very little time.


TINK by Mr Kaplin from Mr. Kaplin on Vimeo.


‘Funny women with yellow backgrounds’ is defo a photo trend

Comedian Ingrid Oliver noticed a trend in publicity portraits and accidentally made this wonderful montage of great female comedians.



Twitter opens up auditions for a spelling bee

This was one of the big debates on Twitter this week:




And finally…

We’ll sneak in two great stories here for you to read in full.


First, (and talking of spelling) here’s the nice story of a summer camp leader who helped a young dyslexic girl regain her love of reading through a bet – if she read 10 books in 5 weeks he would dye his hair hot pink.  


And second, the light-hearted story of a man with Crohn’s disease trying to get through a first date. Yes, there is toilet humour.

*Could be true, probably isn’t.