TWTW #32 – Ad Free Netflix?, NYP is Supreme & Disruptive Laundry


Leeds United top the league and Danny Boyle drops from Bond 25.

Here are 5 things that sum up the week that was:

Don’t Panic! Netflix is NOT doing unskippable ads

Netflix has confirmed they’ll not be introducing unskippable adverts after reddit users sent the internet into a panic. Advert-free viewing is one of the big appeals of streaming and this worldwide reaction has proven that this shouldn’t be messed with.

However, Netflix have said that they are testing skippable adverts with personalised recommendations for other shows or movies.

So, let’s all just Netflix and Chill in peace…no, wait…we didn’t mean it like that!


New York Post ups sales with Supreme cover ad

Fans of fashion brand Supreme wiped newstands of stock when the New York Post included a bold cover ad.

It’s interesting how news content did not affect the sales of a newspaper, but rather its status as a collectors item. There’s a lesson there for other publishers.  

New York Post on newsstands now. @nypost

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Laundry brand wants to ‘disrupt’ with non-sexist advertising

German Laundry and homecare brand Henkel is taking steps in the right direction with diverse advertising pushed by its new Marketing Director, who discusses issues with diversity and advertising in this article.




Olivia Colman is named British TV’s most powerful person

The Radio Times has ranked Olivia Colman (a.k.a. Sophie in Peep Show) at No.1 in its  Most Powerful People in British TV list.



You’ll understand why if you’ve seen her in Broadchurch, or The Night Manager, or Accused, or Flowers, or The Mitchell and Webb Look, or basically anything she’s ever been in ever. No wonder she’s now playing the Queen.

Other highlights on the list include Idris Elba at No.5, David Attenborough at No.6, and the new Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker at No.15.

Unfortunately, Piers Morgan also made the list.


And finally…

This is kind of sad, but also kind of nice.

Test Match Special’s Jonathan Agnew read out an emotional email about how a fan of the programme spent the final hours of his life listening to its coverage of England v India.


Bonus: Lego’s Sustainable Bricks

This was from a couple of weeks ago but we only just caught the news that Lego is unveiling a range of sustainable bricks made from sugarcane.