The Week That Was #9


After surviving the chilly breaths from “The Beast from The East”, here’s 5 things we discovered this week:

Lacoste’s Rare Run of “Save The Species” Shirts

The renowned polo shirt brand is supporting the International Union for Conservation of Nature by selling a limited run of polo shirts, with 10 endangered species replacing its iconic crocodile logo. 



The number of shirts on sale corresponds to the number of animals of each species still alive in the wild, totalling only 1,775 shirts representing the 1,775 animals fighting for existence. All sales of these shirts will go towards the preservation of each species.

How to Predict The Oscar Winners By Their Ads

The Guardian conducted an excellent break down of each “For Your Consideration” poster for this year’s Oscars, teaching us all a thing or two about how – and how not – to make an advert.



How Different US Networks Cover The News

We’re all aware that news sources have their biases, but this incredible visual essay breaks down how three of the main US networks deliver their news by analysing their use of chyrons (the loud text that scrolls along the bottom of the screen).

You get to play around with graphs too, and who wouldn’t be excited by that!? That sentence doesn’t give it justice but seriously, take a look.

It Can Get Much Colder Than This

You may think the temperature was pretty chilly this week, but compared to the mountain ranges of central Europe it was ideal barbeque weather. These frozen photographic landscapes by German photographer Kilian Schönberger will send a shiver down your spine.




These Brides-Throwing-Cats Pics Shouldn’t Be Funny

And finally, someone had a purrfect day on photoshop swapping all the bouquets in this gallery of wedding photos with cats. This is exactly why we have the internet.