The Week That Was #8


Here’s five things we discovered this week:

KFC Clucked Up And It’s Unbelievable

This week’s big story is that over half of UK KFC outlets closed because it ran out of chicken. Yep, that happened.

But how? Is KFC that finger licking good that we ate them out of house and coop?

Not quite, to save costs the chain recently swapped deliverer to DHL, y’know that famous food logistics company, believing they could just wing it.

And on its first day, it realised it couldn’t. So, now we’ve ended up with folks calling the police and acting like this…


… and cheeky-chappies using this opportunity to make a “loadsamoney!” on their unfinished bargain buckets.

Here’s how KFC managed this PR crisis:

The Stock Market Is Soooo Fickle

This week, we learnt that the stock market is just as fickle as a millennial on social media when Kylie Jenner tweeted an inane comment about Snapchat and broke Wall Street, with its shares falling soooo low.



Robot Dogs Can Open Doors

These loyal robotic canines have been trained to open doors, which is very sweet.

But if you’re getting emotionally attached then don’t watch this. Scientists can be so cruel…

If You Can Snowboard You Can Do Anything…

…as proven when a snowboarder turned up to the Olympic Super-G on some borrowed skis and won gold.

It’s basically the same sport, isn’t it? You just stand on bits of wood and go down an icy hill. Easy!

And finally…

Some burglars in China channelled the spirit of Laurel and Hardy when attempting a break in .