The Week That Was #5


You have completed the month of January. Well done! Congratulations! Level Up!

Welcome to Level 2, February, where instead of promising to be more athletic and less alcoholic, you promise to be more romantic (y’know, because Valentine’s Day). So, to fit in with this month’s enforced ‘love’ theme, here’s 5 things we ‘love’ from this week.

Super Bowl Ad Time

The Super Bowl hasn’t even happened and yet we’ve already seen many of the upcoming commercials at the event. One of our favourites is this one for Amazon’s Alexa where several celebs fill in when she loses her voice.

Spicing things up

Romance publishers Mills & Boon have recently unveiled a rebrand, probably as an attempt to remove themselves from the image of being those books you always see in charity shops. For some of their book covers they’ve taken inspiration from a certain film franchise. Can you guess what it is? We’ll give you a clue: it’s not one of the superhero ones. 

Love Snack, baby, Love Snack

You might be one of those people who probably doesn’t like Valentine’s Day, but still craves some kind of romantic evening dinner. Well, you can now have your steak bake and eat it thanks to Gregg’s Valentine’s Day dinner date.

But if you’re tired of Gregg’s (who basically won at PR last year) you can also turn to McDonald’s or IKEA for your ironic-but-actually-kind-of-sweet dinner date.

For the love of Pizza

As we all know, Pizza is god. We pray for it. It’s one of the most sacred things in life.

Therefore everyone should understand the blasphemy committed when Morrisons decided to combine it with another food, in this case Yorkshire Pudding.

But then we do need to try it before we judge it.


On a happier pizza related note scientists have decided that pizza is better for you for breakfast than cereal.

We haven’t even read this article. We don’t need telling twice.