The Week That Was #1


You feel fat, full of cold and it’s possible To lighten you up here’s five fab things from the first week of 2018.

Rainbow bow-wows

As a dog friendly office we’re firm believers that cute canines can’t get any better. And then we saw these colourful photos of poochies posing for portraits. They must be very good boys and girls. We’re getting ideas now.

A Burst of Deep Sea Fireworks

Some more vibrant hues to admire. This time in the form of this mesmerising video of jellyfish dancing under the sea.

Notting Hill: The Silent Movie

For the video above, we recommend turning the sound off, so you can focus on the wonderful imagery. Having no sound makes a drastic difference to your experience of video, as the director of Moonlight, Barry Jenkins, reminded us when he tweeted on a flight while watching Notting Hill over someone’s shoulder. His experience: existentialist levels of confusion.


How To Be a Parent and Get Paid Big Bucks

Talking of love stories, we were quick to text our parents ‘I love you’ when we heard that a court ordered a man to pay his mother for raising him. It’s a legal lesson for us all. Your children will always be your babies, even when they’re adults. But if you get your kids to sign a contract it’s legally binding if they were an adult. And you could be entitled to thousands.

And finally…

Not that we want to think anymore about chocolate, but this week Cadbury’s hit us all with a Willy Wonka-esq competition to hunt for a white chocolate Creme Egg. We’re gonna wait at least a few more days before we join in.