The Week That Was #45


This week’s blog is brief. You’re busy, we’re very busy, but we couldn’t let you miss these five things below.

So, taking the ‘picture equals a 1000 words’ philosophy* we’ll let the visuals speak, mostly, for themselves.

How to Purrrfect Your Interview Technique

Take note journalists. This little girl didn’t hold back as she persisted, like Paxman, when interviewing her cat Coco.

No cape. No problem.

Talking of interviews this hero didn’t want to be interviewed on camera after he saved a rabbit from a wildfire.


Dropping a deadweight

This week, on a motorway in New Zealand a dead body fell out the back of a hearse, which must be awkward and unfortunate for the funeral company. What’s even worse is that it was caught on someone’s dash camera.

Woman gets engaged to 90 year-old chandelier

Australia officially legalised same-sex marriage, after years of legal battles and tackling old time values. However, it will probably be many more years before we can legally marry antiques.

Palestine Tops Trump

And finally, The Palestinian National Authority announced that it will recognise Texas as a state of Mexico in a sarcastic response to US President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

* This does not work when you’re trying to pad out large word counts. So, don’t submit several doodles for your dissertation. Unless you’re studying art or something.