The Week That Was #42


It’s the calm before the storm. The final week of Christmas complacency. Then, once Black Friday hits, there will be no time to think, only act. So, while we still have the time, here’s five things from this week that gave us some food for thought.

1 – Calendar Catastrophes

There have been several calendar-based cockups this week so spectacular we just had to share them all.

Firstly, Krispy Kreme celebrated its first day on UberEats by sending out free doughnuts. Guess what? That first day was also World Diabetes Day. Oh dear. Proof that it pays to consult with your PR team before executing your campaign.

Secondly, we move onto premium advent calendars. This week Youtuber Zoella got roasted for her advent calendar with only half a month’s worth of windows at the bargain price of £50. This sparked this insightful this article on how Youtubers make their money and this similar, cheaper advent calendar from Poundland.

Finally, another criticised advent calendar this time from everyone’s favourite bakery/nightclub Greggs. The calendar itself is fine – £24 gets you a voucher for a special pasty each day. But it was the nativity-themed promotional artwork that was criticised for replacing Jesus in a manger with a sausage roll.

Talking of fatty foods…

2 – Who ate all the pies?

Sorry. We feel bad for poking fun at Christian Bale’s weight gain. And we don’t mean we pity him, we mean he puts us to shame for how in control he is of his body. He’s intentionally yo-yoed in size over the years for roles and this time he’s gone full-method to play former US Vice President Dick Cheney.  

Talking of politics…

3 – Playing The Political Game

You might’ve seen that this year’s Cards Against Humanity Black Friday promotional prank* is pretty political. They’ve got a legal team and a plot of land along the US-Mexico border to prevent Donald Trump’s Great Wall of America.

This ingenious promotion sold out in a day showing to brands that you can go political and it can pay off. What was also great about this is a comeback on the promo’s FAQ section to the question “Is Cards Against Humanity being politically correct now?”

Their reply: “We’re just being regular correct.”

Talking of geographical borders…

4 – Where does The North start?

Back in the UK, the BBC Breakfast show drew ‘The North/South Divide’ from their Lottery Machine of Chat Ideas. This led to reports of mass scrawlings of Ordnance Survey and AA Road Maps in fervent protests of true northernness.

When this debate ever kicks off, Midlanders are sidelined and every region spouts declarations of being the friendliest, while simultaneously going to war over the word for a bit of bread.

There are so many perspectives on how to decide cut-off point that we’ll be debating this for centuries to come. Is it when people refer to strangers as ‘love’? Is it when ‘tea’ also means a meal? Is it when no one bats an eyelid when you ask for gravy on chips???

Talking of unique ingredient combos…

5 – Delia Declares Cookbooks Are Dead

This week Delia Smith risked her national treasure status by controversially calling the demise of the cookbook and blaming it on the t’internet’s range of free content.

Judging by the delicious reads on ilksters’ desks and current sales figures we would beg to differ. But then this could also be a sneaky bit of reverse psychology. Christmas is coming up after all.

*We originally wrote prankmotion here, which, as portmanteaus go, is probably one of the worst garbling of words since George Bush coined misunderestimate. Never say this. Trust us we’re the professionals. We put ourselves in danger so you don’t have to.