The Week That Was #41


We’re coming to that time of the year when, all thro’ the land, we hear the weary sighs of graphic designers placing santa hats onto logos. Yes it’s Everything-is-Christmas-or-Winter-Themed Season!

But don’t get us wrong. Even though some of us here at ilk are more excited than others, we’re totally on board with the trend. We will crowbar as much Christmas and winter into everything as we can.

So, behold as we not only share five things from this week but attempt to tenuously force a Christmas/Winter theme. Here goes. Can we do this?

Your Christmas Ad-vent Calendar  

Let’s be honest, there’s enough regular crimbo adverts now to fit a full calendar. So, we’re going to only discuss one.

If you’re only going to watch one Christmas advert this year then make it the M&S Paddington Bear one. Not because it wins this year’s Supermarket Tear-Jerker Ad Competition (it doesn’t), but because we’re pretty sure it drops F-Bomb.

Twitter is the gift that keeps on giving

Twitter’s increased character limit has come like an early Christmas present. But for many of us it feels like a bread machine or a trampoline, y’know that present everyone was mad about getting, but then we all forgot to use half-way through next year.

Therefore we’ve been more interested in the latest Twitter game: The Predictive Autobiography. You should have a go.

The Film Critics Strike Back

Guess what’s coming this Christmas? That’s right: Star Wars. A film about fighting an empire that’s sensitive about its image. And remember who owns Star Wars? That’s right: Disney. An empire sensitive about its image.

We discovered this week that a rebellion took on Disney and it has now lifted its ban on LA Times film critics coming to its advanced screenings.

Master Blagger

With his wintery surname and naturally funny style, you just can’t help but love Nick Frost. As well as teaming up with buddy Simon Pegg in Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, he is also much loved for his early role in TV show Spaced.

Some of us are big fans of the comedy and so already knew that Frost, who’s not a trained actor, got involved thanks to the encouragement of Pegg. But what we didn’t know until this week was that the two had to blag their way into convincing the producer that Frost had acted before.

And finally…

We failed. We genuinely could not find a themed link for this last thing. So, Christmas has been cancelled.

But to lighten the mood here’s an amusing and relatable story in ditziness – When trying to get insured on her Grandma’s car, a woman in America ended up sending side and front photos of herself, rather than the car. It’s easily done.