The Week That Was #40


This week one of the biggest comedy music acts, Flight of the Conchords, released tickets to their first tour in seven years. Yeah, we didn’t manage to get any either.

However, here’s five things we didn’t miss out on.

Oh My Gourd!

We caught this wonderful Halloween treat: a stop-motion animation of pumpkin carving.

Having recently produced some stop-motion projects we were greatly impressed by their effort and commitment. This apparently took several years to make!

3 Reasons to Keep Paying Your TV Licence

In the same week Netflix got us crawling back to binge Stranger Things, the BBC gave us three solid reasons to keep paying your TV licence (it’s basically the same price as a Netflix subscription!).


Number 1 – David Attenborough will teach you the most amazing facts about fish.

Number 2 – It can be repetitive, but Robot Wars is never boring.

Number 3 – We now know that Peaky Blinders is coming back in less than two weeks.

The Snozzberries Taste like Snozzberries

Here’s an amazing idea which proves we are living in a world of pure imagination: someone took inspiration from Willy Wonka and created the world’s first edible exhibition.

This wasn’t just because they could either. It was a way to help young, fussy eaters and make trying new flavours a happier experience.

It’s probably more enjoyable for parents too, who can now stop sneaking cauliflower into mash potatoes.

What would you call a group of typewriters?

Tom Hanks headlined The London Literature Festival this week. And nope, this isn’t like that time when you discovered there were two David Mitchells. We’re talking about the actual actor and now published author.

At the event, he read from his new collection of short stories, which all involve a typewriter in some way. And we found out that, while actors like Tom Cruise collect private jets, Tom Hanks collects typewriters. He only has 150 typewriters. So, y’know, a small collection.

But this has got us thinking, what would be the collective noun for a group of typewriters? We’re going with a ‘clickety-clack’. Answers typewritten on a postcard please.

Ham-fisted Hyphenation

Yes, your cousin can use that as a name for their industrial electro-metal fusion band. But also this is also a new term for what’s happened below. Never underestimate the power of a hyphen.