The Week That Was #4


Obviously, this week’s big news story is that Britney Spears will be stopping off at Scarborough for her new UK tour. But here’s 5 other things that we think are just as important.

Marching on Together

This week, Leeds United unveiled their long awaited new club badge, which apparently took six months of fan research to create.

It’s…interesting to say the least. It looks like many things – a non-branded team from Pro Evo, the man on the Gaviscon label, a fan checking their watch – but it doesn’t look like anything any Leeds fan would cheer for.


Vanity Fair’s Photoshop Fail

This week, Vanity Fair gave Oprah Winfrey an extra helping hand (and Reese Witherspoon another leg to stand on). We’re pretty confident our studio wouldn’t make a fundamental photoshop errors like this. Not by accident anyway.


How about Amazon Prime and Unwind?

It’s important for anyone to know – not just people in marketing – that Netflix and Chill does not mean what it literally says. Here’s an excruciating gallery of times when people misunderstood.


Cats are still gods

The Ancient Egyptians used to pray to the images of cats like they were gods. And this week it was proven that cats still have god-like power over us mere mortals when mega-meme-mogul Grumpy Cat won a $710,000 payout in copyright lawsuit over exceeded use of her image.


Botox Beauty Camel Scandal

Four words you thought you would never see together before. This week, Saudi Arabia’s annual Camel beauty contest was spoilt when 12 camels were disqualified for receiving botox to boost their pouts. You can understand the lengths some people would go to though – there’s a cash prize of around £3.7m.



Changing Room Disasters

This isn’t actually from this week, but we think you need to see this. Do you remember Changing Rooms, back in the good old days of quaint reality TV where all you needed to do was film domestic tasks? Do you also remember that there were some absolutely terrible stylistic choices? Fortunately someone collated them all to remind us.