The Week That Was #39


Last year, Facebook solved the fiddly complexity of human emotion and gave us six reactions to express ourselves.

This year, ilk revolutionised this. We saw those six reactions and said ‘That’s just too many! How am I going to have the time to use them all!?’

So, we synergised sociality into a core simplicity. Everyone, we would like to announce our new range of THREE reactions.


Let’s see this in action as we pick significant things from the events and happenings of this week. Here are five things that made us go either ‘Woo’, ‘Wow’ or ‘Woah’.

A Letter to Yumans

Last week we raved about George Saunders Man Booker winning novel Lincoln in the Bardo. Even though this is his debut novel he is already a prolific writer of short stories.

If you have a spare half hour we recommend reading ‘Fox 8’, which was recently published in The Guardian. It’s a sweet, fantastical tale told by a caring, but slightly naive fox.


On The Up

When we thought that Pennywise The Clown had ruined helium balloons for us all a man flew with 100 balloons strapped to a camping chair.

Yes, someone literally did Up.

We’ve all talked about doing it, but he actually did it. But before we all start kitting up camping chairs take note – this guy is a professional adventurer. It is very likely he did the necessary health and safety paperwork beforehand. 

Monster House of Fraser

Whether you love Halloween or not you have to appreciate this.

Manchester has dressed up landmarks in the city for a Halloween party weekend. It seems that the House of Fraser has come as low-budget Doctor Who monster. If you find yourself in the city why not take a look. The tentacles even move.

How do you solve a problem like phone zombies?

More people than ever are crossing the street while still staring at their phone screens. While a  Hawaiian city is trying to solve this with fines, London is using clever urban design.

A prototype responsive pedestrian crossing has been tested at a private crossing in South London. It lights up for cyclists and whenever pedestrians cross the road, especially when they’re distracted.

The most wanted title of the year

Stephen Hawking’s theories have been blowing our minds for years. Now, they’re breaking the internet.  Cambridge University recently released his PhD thesis from 1966 to the public, which brought so much traffic their website crashed.