The Week That Was #38


Erm…so…we’re sorry. This edition of TWTW was originally going to be a pretty positive one – a mix of inspiring creative news, quirky mysteries followed by our reaction to the latest controversy on the Great British Bake Off.

And then, well, this afternoon we discovered something…surprising, to say the least. We’re really not sure what to make of it.

Without sounding too clickbait – it shocked us. And it will shock you too.

But, let’s start with the good news.

This Year’s Man Booker Prize-winner

One of the team was really pleased that George Saunders novel Lincoln in the Bardo won the prestigious prize. Already a prolific writer of short stories, this is the American writer’s debut novel. We’ve been told it’s unusual, funny and tragic. We’re keen to actually read it and not let it be another great book that gets left on the bookshelf.

Talking of debuts after a long career…

Your RDA of Rock ‘n’ Roll

We’re loving ‘As You Were’, Liam Gallagher’s first album. It’s rightfully broken sales records and become the fastest-selling vinyl in the last 20 years.

Music critics are postulating that this is the sign that rock ‘n’ roll has returned from the dead. When Liam Gallagher was asked about this at the Q Awards he answered in the most Liam Gallagher way:

“I know people talk about the death of rock ‘n’ roll, but for me it never went away. I live and breathe it, whether I’m making a record or buying bananas. Because I buy bananas in a rock ‘n’ roll way, you know what I mean?”

Talking of a balanced diet…

The KFC Code

This is a story of two geniuses who both got the credit they deserved. One a genius puzzle maker and the other a genius puzzle cracker.

There is no crumbling temple dedicated to an ancient god in this story. This is a modern tale. The temple is Twitter and the god is…Colonel Sanders?

The setting and characters may not be fitting for an epic but the reveal is.

Talking of conspiracies…


These days it feels like any conspiracy with The Trump family seems likely.

Someone was certainly sure of it after looking at some tv footage for a really, really long time.

Some of us are on board. But here is something we all can’t believe…

The bitter truth

Forget reality baking show controversies. We’ve just discovered something more insidious and omnipresent that will affect us all.

We were tucking into some classic childhood treats – Strawberry laces and dib dabs and all that – until we noticed this…


It’s not like we can’t proofread. We’ve all said “DIB Dab”, with a ‘B”, for years. We all have.

Haven’t we?

We don’t know what to believe anymore.