The Week That Was #37


Here’s a First World Problem that will make you sick: we found it tough to pick only five trending things from this week. Poor us!

The week has been packed with some truly ambitious creative projects, stuff we hate ourselves for not making. And this week has also been a weird one – we’ve got a stiff neck from all the double takes.

And the new Star Wars trailer came out, which just needs a mention.

So, apart from slightly cheating there here are five things from the week that was.

Delays, Loops and Layers

Remember OK Go, the indie band famous for making average tunes but amazing viral hits? Looks like they’re about to be beaten at their own game.

The Academic – another band you hadn’t heard of until now – created a live-streamed performance by taking a technical issue and turning it into a technical marvel. Rather than using the Facebook live feature to promote for promotion’s sake, they used the delay to loop and layer audio and visuals.

The Language of Hip-Hop

This is genuinely one of the coolest and nerdiest things we saw this week. A data scientist has analysed and charted together over 300 hip-hop artists by lyrical similarity.

You can play around with the chart and find which rappers have similar lyrical styles e.g. the members of Wu-Tang Clan have a lot in common.

There is also a top 50 list of most Hip-Hop words – featuring a clean and NSFW list.

Sex, Drugs and Sausage Rolls

There’s no need for a preamble here – some students held a rave in Greggs.

‘How?’ you ask. You won’t believe how.

They asked politely. And Greggs said yes. And then this happened.

Drinking your enemy’s tears

A star from Love Island – the show that makes you hate yourself but you can’t stop watching – has provoked an existential level of questioning in us by announcing the weirdest product.

Chris Hughes announced on Twitter that he will release a brand of water that will be infused with his tears.

There are too many questions – What? Why? Is this a joke? How will he cry? Can he even cry?

There’s a lot of social media

Forgive us for going incredibly technical there, but we are also PR & Social Media agency after all.

Do we really need more social media? Apparently Taylor Swift thinks so. And we’re asking ‘Why?’ Does she have reasons beyond wanting her own cult?