The Week That Was #36


We’ve really got into the swing of things this week, and not just because the ilk Ping Pong League has kicked off. There’s been the usual work and play, but we’ve still managed to catch a few things from the zeitgeist. Here’s five of them.

Brevity is the soul of tweet

Even if you still don’t “get Twitter” you’ll have heard that its character count is doubling to 280. ‘Will this destroy Twitter’s essential spirit of succinctness?’ many are asking and many are answering with mini-essays.

We think wit can be any length. Here’s a playful comment on the idea of brevity – a parody of Hemingway’s six word story “For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never Worn”.


A Love for Bad Language

Just in case you don’t have any friends who are spoken word poets this Thursday was National Poetry Day. Many professed their love for language through some of the finest pieces of literature. And then some of us laughed at allegedly naughty words like the ones in this video – How to Swear Like A Swede.



Another meta-meme doing the rounds again. Ladies and Gentlemen put your hands together for The Monkey Having a Haircut meme.


Playing with the eyes

Another playful treat from the Nordic regions – a 3D crossing was created in Iceland as a unique way to encourage motorists to slow down.

Keep your dog’s details up to date

As a dog friendly office (we started woof wednesdays as a wonderful way to get past the midweek hump) we were sad to hear how many dogs become homeless because their microchip details aren’t up to date. It’s a simple thing to do to ensure you can find your loyal friend if they ever get lost.