The Week That Was #33


The Week That Was #33

It kind of felt like we skipped August and went straight for rainy Autumn this week. Blame it on pathetic fallacy, or even just the typically inclement British summertime, but it would appear as though the weather isn’t the only thing that’s caused a few raised eyebrows over the last seven days.

Here’s five things that kept us at our keyboards and in the dry this week:


1. That guy, literally.

He may have only been in the job for 10 days, but (former) White House comms chief Anthony Scaramucci lasted long enough for Twitter to make its latest uncanny cartoon character comparison. Meet Futurama’s Steve Castle, a character who employs a range of communication strategies that could have served well in Trump’s White House.


2. Golden Balls

Another WT-actual-F story – this week Brazilian striker Neymar jr became the world’s most expensive player after completing his long-anticipated move to Paris St. Germain. The figures are hard to consider in real terms, so we’ve applied general statistics and worked out that he will now earn £271,000 a year while he’s sat on the toilet.

Takes the p*ss.


3. Caught in the act, by a volcano.

Sometimes people refer to things they “wouldn’t be seen dead doing” – but unfortunately for this poor soul who got caught in the Pompeii eruption 1900 odd years ago, the world assumes the worst when we get presented with an image like this.


4. All aboard the fail bus.

In another hilarious twist of fate, a far-right group in Norway mistook some bus seats for a group of women wearing burqas. Individuals posting on Norwegian ‘Fatherland first’ Facebook group said the empty seats on the bus were ‘terrifying’. Love Hate is blind.


11. IT’S COMING! Stranger Things Season 2!

Ok, so the mouth breathers out there will tell us this was actually last week – BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER! We’ve already ordered the Eggos and the popcorn, if you want to join us we’ll meet you in Mirkwood.