The Week That Was #30


The Week That Was #30

In the week when Jeff Goldblum was caught giving out free hotdogs in Sydney and the UK political parties continued to ramp up the rhetoric ahead of  #GE2017 (what even is a mugwump?), here’s some actually newsworthy stuff that caught our attention…


1. Another PR flop for United Airlines

Following the media frenzy around that passenger being forcibly removed from his flight, this week United Airlines faced yet more negative spin as the world’s largest bunny rabbit died of natural causes aboard one of its planes. Talk about a short hop flight!


2. ‘Horny’ male seeks willing mate via Tinder

The world’s last northern white rhino has taken to Tinder in a bid to save his species. 5,000 pound 43 year old, Sudan from Kenya likes the great outdoors and travelling. Sure, you might think he’s just looking for fun, but the stunt is actually part of the bid to save his species from extinction.


3. Now that’s how to do satirical advertising

Heineken launched a very timely campaign showing us how to re-unite our divided society – over beer seems like a good plan. We’re not naming names, but maybe the brewery could give a certain soda company a PEP talk on how to harness current affairs correctly for their brand?

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4. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s a bloke from Wiltshere

British inventor Robert Browning made the headlines this week after he strapped six jet engines to himself and took to the skies (cue Elton John) at the TED conference in Vancouver. Despite a top speed of 200mph, the real-life Iron Man insists his mode of transport is safer than a motorbike.


5. Beer and balance – that classic combination.

Not had the bottle to join the Yoga trend yet? Well perhaps this final news will change your mind. ‘Bieryoga’ started in Germany but is now making its way around the world. Sounds great, but unfortunately you’re not supposed to follow this type of session with a greasy kebab.