The Week That Was #3


Here’s five things from this week that we think you should know about:

Pretty Sweet Kicks

This week, people in Berlin camped in the cold for the limited release of a new pair of trainers from Adidas. Why? Because these shoes are implanted with an annual transit pass to the city, making for some pretty cost-effective commuting.

Adidas and BVG, Berlin’s transport company, formed the creative collaboration to both convert Adidas haters to the brand and encourage young people to use more public transport.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Use Social Media

Despite all the concerns that Social Media is making us less “social”, contacting your friends is still the biggest reason for using social media, according to new stats. But using it as a source of news is not far behind.

Come Visit A Shithole

Another case of Trump racism, another comeback from a country. To counteract the U.S. President’s “shithole countries” comment about Namibia, someone made this humorous video which makes a strong case to visit the African country.

Silent Protest

Talking of childish behaviour, someone tweeted this child’s extremely calm tantrum after asking the dad what was happening. It’s hilariously illogical and for many parents, pretty relatable.


Turn Down for What

Guess we’re not the only ones who find ITV’s Dancing on Ice a bit tame. You need to see this. Volume to 11!