The Week That Was #29


President Trump has launched missile attacks in Syria and Brexit is continuing to cause international tension. But, at least Harry Styles is back to shine light into all our lives. He introduced us to his latest single, Sign of the Times on the Radio 1 breakfast show today and we think it’s great!  Have a listen here.

Here are five other things that made us smile this past week…

1. In the Netherlands, men took to the street in Amsterdam to protest against homophobia and gay hate crime. In light of an attack on two men in the city of Arnhem, hundreds of men (including politicians!) took to the streets in the nation’s capital and showed their defiance by holding hands. Good job, the Netherlands!


2. Samsung introduced us to this great advert for their virtual reality head gear. Featuring an Ostrich who learns to fly and Elton John’s Rocket Man, this heart warming ad had us all smiling in the office.


3. Google Maps made us chuckle with their April fools day prank when they made their maps in to one great big Ms Pac-Man game. We felt the word genius was suitable in this instance!


4. Pepsi had a bit of a mare this week when they launched their new advert featuring Kyle Jenner. The ad has been accused of being exploitative of social activism and co-opting the Black Lives Matter movement to help sell a fizzy drink. The reactions on social were not too great to say the least!

5. Graphic designer Pete Majarich impressed us when he completed an ambitious year-long design project of creating 365 alternative movie posters. We thought his minimalist and playful designs were fab!

A Movie Poster A Day from Pete Majarich on Vimeo.