The Week That Was #28


Theresa May officially triggered Article 50 this week, starting the two year process of the UK leaving the European Union. Meanwhile, The Daily Mail proved that misogyny is alive and well when it ran a front page asking whether Nicola Sturgeon or Theresa May have better legs. International uncertainty and blatant sexism all in one week! How lucky we are.

Here are five things that kept our hopes high…

1. The Teletubbies turned twenty! This funny piece in The Guardian made us smile when it pointed out that compared to most people their age, the colourful foursome are doing quite well for themselves! They ‘own their own home, have a live-in cleaner and spend their days drifting along on the winds of serendipity, unencumbered by debt or anxiety or the nagging sense of inferiority that defines their generation.’ No wonder they’re so smiley all the time.


2. Mexico City Metro impressed us with this confronting campaign to raise awareness of sexual harassment. Installing a ‘penis seat’ in one of its metro carriages, the campaign tries to give men a taste of what is a worryingly common experience for women in Mexico. According to research by the Mexican government, 65% of women in the country have been victims of harassment on public transport.


3. These Brexit tweets made us smile. Because remember if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry…


4. We liked this piece from Complex helping celebrate thirty years of Nike Air Max. Because we love a nice pair of trainers! And who doesn’t like a zine?


5. Another Game of Thrones teaser trailer has been released. Even though it doesn’t really reveal much more about Season 7 than the first teaser trailer, it’s still exciting to watch. We’re still counting down the days until it’s back. This countdown clock is helping.