The Week That Was #27


We watched in horror as events unfolded in London on Wednesday. But, as so often happens in times of adversity, social media was there to console us. Sticking one big, collective middle finger up to the lone wolf terrorist, the hashtags #WeAreNotAfraid, #WeStandTogether and #LondonIsOpen began trending.

In other news, Princess Anne showed her support for GM crops, the Pope had his hat stolen by a three-year-old girl and Elton John is turning 70 tomorrow!

Here are five other things we thought were of significance this week…

1. Sesame Street introduced us to their newest character, Julia. The latest member of the cast will be the show’s first-ever character with autism. The announcement of her casting caused an outpouring of warm-hearted affection and praise on social. Look out for Julia hitting the street on April 10th!

2. Bob Dylan has declared his somewhat surprising admiration for the Stereophonics. In an interview discussing his latest album, the American cultural icon included the Welsh rock group in a list of his favourite contemporary artists. Who knows what’s going on any more?

3. A pair of South African designers have created Lego tape and we think it’s the best thing ever. Nimuno Loops is a special adhesive tape that features a toy block pattern allowing you to build Lego shapes on walls and other surfaces. Genius!

4. These memes about stupid things people say under pressure made us giggle…


5. And this Meryl Memes Twitter account is life.