The Week That Was #22


This was the week that the SNP kicked off at Theresa May about Brexit and Robbie Williams kicked off at his agent for the World Cup gig.*

Here’s five other things we discovered:

Football memories make great album covers

Now that everyone’s football crazy, football mad everything (and we mean everything) has to connect to the World Cup. It’s one of the laws of marketing.

So, for the next month we’re expecting a lot of tenuous content like – for example – these mis-mashed images of football moments and classic album covers by a fancy print company. It’s a silly idea, but they know it and don’t care.

Some images miss completely (we assume on purpose)…

… while others are a thing of beauty.

Stockholm has banned sexist advertising in public spaces

While some advertisers may still think that ‘sex sells’, the Swedish capital has voted to remove advertising billboards deemed sexist or degrading.

Once again our scandi cousins prove they’re ahead of us at nearly everything.

Guinness ignored audience testing for one of its classic ads

It was revealed in Marketing Week that Guinness went ahead with its classic ‘Surfer’ ad even though it had performed badly in audience testing, instead trusting its creative instincts over data. It lead to a mad ad that got results. It was a bold decision then and would be a bold decision now.

You’re not insane, these are images of humans with animal heads

An artist painted people as part-animal in a series of images set in the New York subway. They’re like those books where you swap the heads and torsos of characters…but even weirder.

And finally…

This one’s from last week but is pretty cool: to make it’s latest cover Time magazine got nearly a 1,000 drones to fly in formation.


*Or he kicked off about Russia’s treatment of LGBT people. Yeah, it’s probably that.