The Week That Was #21


This was the week that Love Island returned to our screens and the Daily Mail recruited a new editor.

Here’s five more things we discovered:


Heinz could change the name of Salad Cream

Following the tradition of much loved food brands like Marathon and Opal Fruits, Heinz could change the name of its Salad Cream as only 14% of consumers actually use it on salads. The other 86% bin it because they meant to buy mayo.

You’re right! We should respect that different people like different condiments. It’s horses for sauces, isn’t it? Which is why they should rename it Mayo-neigh-s.*


Salad Cream A.K.A. sandwich cream


These mesmerising photos will induce Mario Kart flashbacks

A photographer created a series of “Rainbow Road” photographs across the beaches and forests of Connecticut and the streets of Guatemala.


rainbow road photography in Guatemala


To create them they ran along routes with a custom built lighting rig while using long-exposure photography. It’s a difficult technique to master, but a breeze compared to that Mario Kart level.


rainbow road photography in forest


Kanye’s new album was made for memes

MAGA hat model and modern-day philosopher Kanye West has released a new album, YE, with both a celebrity listening party and an album cover meme generator. It’s spawned a smorgasbord of wonderful memes.

We had a go and we’re thinking of framing it and putting up in the office.


Kanye cover generator


The truth about Paddy Power’s spray painted polar bear

Banter-brand Paddy Power’s recent ‘England ‘Til I Dye’ PR stunt caused uproar earlier this week, then revealed how it was done a few days later. 

Here’s a clue: no bears were harmed.



We should all take to the sea.

Why? Because we’re more likely to bump into a penguin.




An extra sweet treat: computers trying to hack cookie recipes

Let’s just admit it now. There are some jobs (e.g. writing Harry Potter books and cooking) that we shouldn’t get computers to do.

But we can still try, so a group of journalist-engineers at The Pudding fed a computer hundreds of chocolate cookie recipes to find the most average recipe. Will it taste good? Why not try the recipe yourself?

chocolate chip cookies. Yum.

So, does this prove that anything we can do machines can do better? Well, it’s like the weird and wise comedian Emo Philips once said “a computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kickboxing”.


* You can keep that one Tim Vine…if you’re reading this.