The Week That Was #20


This was the week that a journalist tricked the Kremlin by playing dead and President Trump finally arranged that meeting with Kim…Kardashian.

Here’s five other things that we discovered:


Poundland responded to a rail firm’s Twitter joke and it was brutal

When rail firm Thameslink reacted to a customer complaint by joking their poor service is like Poundland chocolate, the discounter’s reaction was anything but cheap.

They came back full pelt with this retort:


Then, when we thought it was all over, they went for the mic drop…



This Amazing Redesigned Logo and Typeface Will Blow Your Mind

Clickbait pioneers Buzzfeed have revealed a new logo and typeface for its UK site, taking inspiration from its trending arrow.


Just pop your peepers over these 47 luscious letters, numbers & symbols. Number 23 will surprise you.


Leeds scientists are creatively using Ribena waste

Some very clever, very creative scientists just down the road at the University of Leeds have discovered they can make natural hair dye using the blackcurrant waste from making Ribena.



A new technique means they can extract natural colouring from leftover berry skins to make dyes. So, don’t go pouring Ribena over your head.


You will sit, stay and beg to see this artist’s tribute to her family dogs

As an office of dog lovers we were way too excited to find out about this exhibition of sculptures and drawings of dogs, which opens later this month as long as you’re a good boy.



And finally…

Following the trend of actors releasing genre-specific albums, Jeff Goldblum is making a jazz album.



How will it compare to Hugh Laurie’s blues albums? Or Alexander Armstrong’s easy listening albums? Or Kiefer Sutherland’s country albums?

If it’s not a jazz version of the Jurassic Park score, then we’re not interested.