The Week That Was #2


Here’s 5 things from this week you shouldn’t miss.

Not what you were expecting

This week, flat-pack lifestyle purveyors IKEA made us question many things when it produced a print ad/pregnancy test that when “used” reveals a discount on a crib.

But before you shout “Those crazy swedes!” IKEA weren’t actually expecting expectant mothers to bring in the pee-soaked paper coupons to their stores*. It was just a unique way to promote their family focused loyalty scheme.

Which we accepted until we discovered that according to an obstetrician it’s not just a gimmick, it actually works as a pregnancy test! That’s a lot of effort to go to, but it seems to have worked as a PR stunt at least.

Things I find beautiful

Here’s a nice, if a little schmaltzy, ad to promote the new Samsung A8, which captures the moment people react to being told they’re beautiful.

David Bowie Infographic

On Wednesday it was the two year anniversary of the day we had to unexpectedly say bye-bye to David Bowie. To remember him, magazine Delayed Gratification designed this brilliant infographic documenting his rise and fall:

Click here for zoomable version.

The TV legend you’ve never heard of

If you’ve wondered where Mike Myers has been for a while, he’s been hiding in plain sight, pretending to be a legendary British presenter in America. For 6 months he’s been acting as Tommy Maitland, who has a full backstory and track record of TV shows you’ve never heard of, but sound real. The weird thing is you would assume this would be a PR stunt for an upcoming movie, but not the case. In fact, we’re not really sure why he’s doing it, because apparently, he hasn’t played this for laughs either. Hmm?

And finally…

Just in case you missed it, here’s that lovely story from This Morning of the chap who finally has a chance to give his wedding vows after beating his 47 year stammer. We thought it was worth a mention.

* Let’s hope no one did that. Oh, god. Imagine that? Actually, don’t.