The Week That Was #19


This was the week that every GDPR email came in and every train cancelled at once.

Here’s five other things we discovered:

Meghan Markle Has Been Officially Accepted Into The Family

The Royal Wedding was only one way for The Royal Family to accept its newest family member. In the reality of social media (which is reality now, watch Black Mirror and you’ll understand) she’s now apart of the Kensington Palace Twitter profile image.

Which means it’s totally legit now. Congrats Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.


The Obamas Are Taking On The World of TV

After making an impact world-wide as former US President and First Lady, Barack and Michelle Obama have signed a several year deal with Netflix to make…something. A documentary series? A docu-drama? A light-hearted comedy about The White House?

No one knows right now, but we’re just as intrigued as you are. It’ll be nice to see them back in the limelight.

Talking of new Netflix shows…


A New Matt Groening Cartoon is On The Way

A release date has been announced for Disenchantment, Matt Groening’s new fantasy-themed cartoon. It’s coming out on Netflix on the 17th August.



Let’s hope that a new show can help restore our faith in the cartoon creator after The Simpsons’s pretty poor response to ‘The Problem with Apu’.


Kids Give Their Parents A Lesson On Technology Addiction

A viral Facebook post by a teacher shows a child’s emotional response to an assignment asking them what invention they don’t like. Several children in her class said ‘the mobile phone’ because, in the words of one child, ‘I don’t like the phone because my parents are on their phones everyday.’


So, get off your phone and look at your kids more guys. Unless your taking a photo of them for Instagram, of course.


And finally…

Here’s a story to make Dick Dastardly squirm: a team of firefighters in Essex helped to revive a pigeon who had inhaled smoke at the blaze of an abandoned bus depot. Good news: all of the birds survived. Yay!