The Week That Was #18


Coming back after the work after the festive break is never the best feeling. Your jeans are tighter from the 125 cheese boards you devoured, the weather is grim and your inbox is looking pretty intense. But we made it through and there’s been a few things that week that have made us smile:

Lego has unveiled its new Boost kit, designed to help children learn coding with robots – pretty exciting stuff!


A nice touch from Maltesers with its campaign for World Braille Day, with a one off braille bus stop, which reads “Caught a really fast bus once, turns out it was a fire engine” – nice one!


Too much love for this squirrel eating a Chomp!


And Victoria Beckham wrote a letter to her 18 year old self and it was pretty damn inspirational! “Practise what you preach when you sing “friendship never ends”, and celebrate everyone’s uniqueness.” So much yes.