The Week That Was #18


Apparently there’s a wedding this weekend?

Here’s some other interesting things we discovered this week:


Anything you can do..

GQ leapt at the chance to pull Vanity Fair’s leg this week. Taking inspiration from the fashion mag’s photoshop disaster back in January, they staged this fantastic game of twister for their new cover.

God only Knowles

The singer, actress and theologian Beyoncé has inspired people of all backgrounds around the globe. So much so, that San Franciso’s Grace Cathedral now combines Queen Bey’s work with a regular service, hoping to help others to empower themselves. Beyoncé Mass is here, heaven really is a place on earth people!

Making a stand.

For the blue-tie politicians out there who are still trying to perfect that power-pose, take note! This week, Magid Magid was sworn in as the new lord mayor of Sheffield while the Imperial March from Star Wars and the Superman theme tune played out. After the ceremony, the Green Party councillor opted for this unforgettable inaugural portrait.

Flippin’ sad

One of the strangest stories floating around this week came out of Eastern Europe. After Ukraine’s dolphin army (yes really) were captured by Russian forces during the annexation of Crimea in 2014, they were barely seen again. Hearts sank following new reports this week, which claim the loyal underwater soldiers have now passed away following a hunger strike.

Photobomb of the century?

And finally, the hotly anticipated sequel to the world’s favourite anti-hero opened in cinemas this week. Using the power of parent studio 20th Century Fox, the marketing team underneath Deadpool 2 were able to re-cover 16 other film titles’ DVDs with a Deadpool makeover.