The Week That Was #17


This was the week that the Leave.EU campaign were fined the same amount as the average divorce and Donald Trump announced the date of his meeting with Kim Jong-Un (June 12th, get it in the calendar folks!).

Here’s five other things we discovered:


This IS America

While Kanye West is scoopity pooping with his MAGA hat, Childish Gambino – A.K.A. the amazing Donald Glover – is making powerful statements about racism, police brutality and social media with his new video for the song “This Is America”.

If you haven’t seen it you should at least once, but it’s worth watching a few times. There’s A LOT going on.

WARNING: if you haven’t gathered already, it gets quite graphic.



Google should develop an algorithm to get irony

Google, the tech giant with the unofficial motto of “don’t be evil”, intends to help us with our technology addiction, apparently. As the novelist and journalist Matt Haig highlights it doesn’t seem to get the irony of this ‘mission’. Let’s wait and see what’s in store.


This portrait was made by lines of code

Someone made several works of art via hard-coding and they look pretty good.



But there’s a catch and Web developers will enjoy this: the paintings have been optimised for Chrome, so try it in Internet Explorer and it’s a very different story. This makes for a great demonstration of how code acts differently in different web browsers.


These electric blue waves in San Diego look amazing

Here’s a new word to drop into conversation: bioluminescence. It’s the kind of magical light that comes from jellyfish and can sometimes be found near beaches, like very recently in San Diego. Here’s some photos:



And finally…

Gangsta rap pioneer Dr Dre missed an incredible collab opportunity when he failed to sue genuine medical practitioner and homophonic namesake Dr Drai.



What makes this even more heartbreaking (seriously, this could’ve lead to one of the greatest PR stunts ever) is that Dr Drai is – wait for it – a gynaecologist. Yeah, we know. We’ll let you think of your own jokes.