The Week That Was #15


This was the week that Arsene Wenger left Arsenal and Dale Winton joined the great game show in the sky.

Here’s five other things we discovered:

‘spoons stopped its social and everyone’s got an opinion

The pub chain closed all of its social accounts, claiming it wouldn’t make an impact on its business. Maybe this is a brave move and might save a bit of cash, but is it a good idea? Here’s our take  – “Wetherspoon is right about its social, but not in the way it thinks”.

In design, subtle changes can make a big difference

It’s no surprise that as a creative agency we’re fond of fonts, so we really enjoyed this nerdy little blog on the subtle design changes to the logo of independent magazine Delayed Gratification. You’ve got to look very, very carefully.

These fiery ads are finger lickin’ good

We always seem to be banging on about KFC, and maybe we do, but it’s for more reasons than just their chicken. They’re a pretty creative brand, as proven by these simple ads for KFC Hong Kong.

This misadvertised lion costume went viral

We’ve all bought something online that didn’t quite meet the expectation e.g. boots the same size as the online image*. But it’s not always a fail, case in point…


And finally…

A musician from our sunny city (Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!) used the sounds of a supermarket to make a banging track. Hitting clubs and supermarket radio stations very soon:

*true story. See for yourself.